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by Unknown 

September 1968, No. 8


TIJUANA, Sep. 1 – If the perfect faena can be created by any torero, that torero would have to be Joselito Huerta.  It would be very difficult to point to any thing that may have been omitted by Huerta in his fabulous performance with the third bull of the afternoon.  From capote to muleta the faena was the portrayal of perfection in the difficult art of bullfighting.  If some flaw could have been found it would perhaps be in a somewhat faulty kill that nevertheless achieved the desired result.  This by no means implies that Huerta’s entry with the blade was faulty, it was not.  It was simply that the animal delayed in folding.

Derechazos, naturals, molinetes, chest passes, everything linked to one another and executed to perfection.  In short one would have to say the performance by Joselito Huerta was the most complete, and classical, of the season to date.  Magnificent too was the fact that it happened on a day that perhaps saw more tourists in the tendidos than any other day and it afforded them something to rave about.  More important it afforded them an opportunity to react and compare the greatness of Jose Huerta with the bravery and antics of a Jaime Bravo.  Following his faena Jose was granted the ears and tail of the noble bull Zacatepec which in turn was honored with a slow turn of the arena.

Huerta’s second toro was not the noble animal he had caped with in the beginning, but the torero gave a very powerful demonstration of his ability.  For his dominating faena to his second bull Joselito Huerta was given a well earned two ears.

The bulls from Zacatepec were for the most part well presented in appearance and bravery.  The second bull was very good, the third was outstanding and was Huerta’s first bull.  The first, and fourth, animals complied and the sixth was brave.  The fifth toro which went to Jaime Bravo was unbelievably noble.  So noble in fact that it permitted Bravo to do as he wished and at times it was the bull who appeared to be performing with Jaime.  As he has done on other occasions Bravo requested the animal be spared this in turn was denied and the torero who refused to kill the bull was escorted to the local jail and fined.  This too has happened on other occasions.

Jaime Bravo not quite recuperated from his very serious goring in this same ring just a few weeks ago complied with his first bull but failed badly with the steel.

It would have been wonderful to see Guillermo Carvajal retire in a blaze of glory but this was not the case.  The torero received an ear for his first performance which was given more for a superb thrust than anything else and he complied with his second.  In all honesty it must be said that Carvajal had to cope with the only two more or less difficult animals of the encierro.

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