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Gored Many Times

Jaime Bravo, 38, one of the most popular bullfighters ever to appear in Tijuana rings, died in Zacatecas City, Mex., today of injuries received in an auto accident there last night.

Bullfighting novice Manuel Silva Silva also died of injuries suffered in the wreck on the road between El Saladito and Arsinas, in the central state of Zacatecas.

Bravo was near death after being gored at the downtown ring in Tijuana in 1968, but after 11 days in a hospital he was on the road to recovery.

“Jaime was gored more than 50 times in his career.” Larry Jones, an official of the Tijuana ring, said when informed of the bullfighter’s death, “He was very daring and thought he had to get injured to please the fans.”

“Bravo delighted in challenging the bull to the fullest extent. He was popular in Tijuana because he was flashy and colorful. Few bullfighters took more chances than Jaime."

“I’ve heard people say Bravo had much ability but seldom used it because he desired to perform for the public. He thought they enjoyed flashiness instead of ability.”

When Bravo started bullfighting in the early 50’s, he was a protégé of Carlos Arruza, considered one of the greats of all time. Arruza also met his death in an auto accident in Mexico in 1966.

Bravo was a circus aerialist in Mexico before turning to bullfighting. Fans thought that saved his life in the bull ring many times. A native of Mexico City, Jaime seldom fought there because he was so popular in border towns like Tijuana. One of his best performances in Tijuana was in 1956 against Ordonez. Critics said Bravo was at his peak then.

Bravo was married to Monica Lind, formerly of La Jolla and now Las Vegas. They had one child. Jaime was also married to Ann Robinson, a movie and television actress of Hollywood. They had two children.

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