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by George E. Geisler 

January - February 1962

"... There were a great many fights around Mexico during the double holiday on the 31st. monterrey had the Spaniard Joaquín Bernadó along with the reappearance of José Ramón Tirado after his bad goring, and the colombian, Pepe Cáceres. The bulls from Miguel Franco were very bad which kept the men from having the triumphs they might have had. On the first there were fights in Mazatlán, Puebla, Guadalajara, San Luis Potosí and Mérida. The cartel in Pueble was composed of Raúl Ochoa "Rovira", Jesús Córdoba and Jaime Bravo. Córdoba had the worst of the lot, Bravo would have cut ears but lost out to bad luck with the sword. Rovira was given tours of the ring after each of his fights..."

Walter de la Brosse - 24 December in El Toreo de Cuatro Caminos of Mexico City during a festival. Walter, fighting the second animal of the day, received a cornada of three trajectories in the left leg. One trajectory of 25 centimeters touched, but did not damage, the femur, in a crosswise direction almost completely penetrating his thigh. Two others of 8 and 10 cm were downward. Walater, who was applauded with the cape and muleta, will be ready to return to the ruedos in about a month.

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