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JULY 1967




by Unknown 

July 1967, No. 5

JUNE 25th


Commentaries of the last Corrida in Tijuana

TIJUANA, June 25th. – Both Ramon Tirado and Jaime Bravo, proved to be a big joke in today’s corrida.  Neither one or the other wanted anything to do with the bulls from Torrecilla and under these circumstances it was impossible to have any type of triumph.

The reader should not assume by what we say above that the bulls were superior, they were not.  The animals were what is termed “desecho”, which is to say that they were not the cream of the crop.  This does not necessarily refer to bravery or casta, but could easily be physical appearance.  Be that as it may, the fact remains that both toreros decided to avoid as much of the animals as possible.

The apathy of Tirado, and the circus attitude of Bravo, could best describe the corrida without going into much detail.  It was regrettable too because not only was there a good crowd on hand, but the corrida was a benefit.  Jaime Bravo was his usual self.  A button before the bull.  It is true that mention must always be made of his misguided bravery, but that does not in any way add merit to the antics that only he is capable of.

Ramon Tirado had in his first bull probably the best novillo of the afternoon, but not even this inspired the torero from Mazatlan and Laguna Beach.

The corrida transpired between yawns and stretches, plus avisos.  OH BOY!!

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